All the Places to Love

All the Places to Love

Within the sanctuary of a loving family, baby Eli is born and, as he grows, "learns to cherish the people and places around him, eventualy passing on what he has discovered to his new baby sister, Sylvie: 'All the places to love are here . . . no matter where you may live.' This loving book will be something to treasure."'BL."The quiet narrative is so intensely felt it commands attention. . . . a lyrical celebration."'K.

Details All the Places to Love

Title All the Places to Love
AuthorPatricia MacLachlan
Release Date22nd Apr 1994
Pages32 pages

8 reviews on “All the Places to Love

  1. Anonymous

    “All the Places to Love” is a beautiful story of down-to-earth magic and miracles smudged with tiny handprints. It is the kind of book you want to read slowly and quietly, so that you can hear the heart-whispers inside of you recognize the dreams printed on the pages behind each word and each exquisite picture. When I first read the book, I was 19 and babysitting, and I was fascinated with the way the story mirrored my own heart. I now own a copy, a gift from my best friend in anticipation of the births of our first children. The story of young Eli and all the places his growing family loves is a rare amd refreshing view of how glimpses of the face of God really aren’t so uncommon or so fragile after all: miracles are born every single day, and play-worn, work-worn, year-worn, love-worn legacies are the best kind….

  2. Anonymous

    Adults and children both will identify with this story. It is especially powerful for any 5 – 9 yr. old boy who is adjusting to the idea of having a new baby sister.His big-brother role is defined in a delightful way which enhances his esteem and belongingness to the basic family. He becomes “protector” and “teacher” for his new sibling just as he has been protected and taught since his own birth.The beautiful paintings, which must be “read” along with the words, are masterpieces….

  3. Anonymous

    I am a father of two boys. I am fully in love with parenting and with my two sons. It took me about 20 times before I could get through the book without crying with joy when Sylvie was born. One of the most touching, endearing, joyous books I have ever read. The artwork only ads to the story and completes this “must have” book. It is my new replacement for “Goodnight Moon”….

  4. Anonymous

    This is, without question, the most beautiful book pertaining to childhood that I have ever read. The text conjures up an idealistic view of extended families, something that seems to be lost in today’s society. The illustrations are breathtaking; Mike Wimmer has certainly captured the essence of a childhood we all wish we had. I have given this book as gifts to friends and family and without exception have been sincerely thanked for adding such a wonderful book to their library. It will add pleasure to all who own it for years and generations to come….

  5. Anonymous

    This is one of my favorite books to read to our family. We have had it for 5 years and are about to wear it out with all of our bedtime readings. It is a great portrayal of family heritage and finding your place. We have used it as a springboard to name our favorite “place to love”. It has helped my children get to know their grandparents and community better. I must also mention that the memories that it conjures up of my own childhood are priceless….

  6. Catherine S. Vodrey

    Oh, boy, this was a baby gift to our son in 1994 and I STILL get all puddled up when I read it aloud to our kids. Patricia MacLachlan captures the stillness and quietude of a rural life in her sweet tale of a boy waiting for his sister to be born so that he can teach her where “all the places to love” are. Mike Wimmer does a superb job of making his realistic painted illustrations harmonize with MacLachlan’s text. The scene where Eli is in the barn with his grandfather waiting for his sister Sylvia to be born has such a beautiful Wimmer illustration that it never fails to take my breath away. If the people are perhaps somewhat idealized–just minutes after giving birth, the mom looks golden, serene and ready for her close-up–then so is the story, and that’s OK. It gives kids something to dream about, whether or not they’re awaiting the arrival of a new sibling. Really and truly captivating….

  7. Bourne

    My 5 year-old daughter has hundreds of books, but only a select few sit on the “special shelf” in her room, and this is one of them. I bought it for her a couple of years ago, and it has been my favorite ever since. Everything about this book is beautiful…. the illustrations, the story, and the message. I simply cannot read through this book without crying………..the second to the last page does me in every time!! This book is a lovely reminder to enjoy and appreciate the simple things that surround all of us. If you are looking for a special book that your children will love and you will treasure, this is the one………BUY THIS BOOK! If I had to pick only one of my daughter’s books to save forever, this would be it….

  8. Anonymous

    Oh, how I love this book! My husband and I never tire of reading it, and my son finds something new in the beautiful pictures everytime we do. A heartwarming story about the special places that make a child’s small world uniquely theirs, and the joy at sharing those places with family. This would be a great book for a child expecting a new sibling, empowering him or her with the ability to show the new little one what makes this world so wonderful. While this story is set on a farm, it should be easy to help a child in any setting find the places and things that make their surroundings delightful….

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