American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques

American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques
AHS Plant Propagation is a comprehensive, essential guide to increasing the numbers of a huge range of plants. An extensive introduction explains the botany and plant physiology behind the science of propagation, and the encyclopedic A - Z section presents all the appropriate techniques for more than 1,000 different kinds of plants. Specialized groups such as orchids, ferns, palms, grasses, and roses are given extensive feature treatment.

Details American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques

Title American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques
AuthorAlan Toogood
Release Date26th Apr 1999
Pages320 pages

8 reviews on “American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques

  1. Jenni Otto (

    This book is a must for anyone interested in the propagation of just about any botanical-from herbs to vegetables to exotics. As an avid seed collector and gardener, this book has been indespensable and reigns as king of my botanical library!! Ideal for the professional and lay person, this book explodes with beautiful photographs. Even the half-hearted gardener will dream of seed starting after studying this tome. The only thing I found missing was a chart for seed identification-but overall, this book was superb!! Kudos to the American Horticultural society for such much-needed knowledge! Even Sir Joseph Banks would be proud of this one!!…


    As a professional horticulturalist, gosh what a word, I spotted this delightful book in the Beaufort Public Library, kept it out too long because I did not want to take it back and it cost me a 75 cent fine…such a deal. Now I MUST buy my own, even though my birthday is less than a month away. It makes propagation a breeze. And what great graphics and photos. I’ll be out gathering palmetto seeds soon. Ever wonder what to do with a sago palm seed? You won’t believe what they need to sprout. Now I know why the plant is so expensive to buy. With this book you have the knowledge to start just about any plant you can think of….

  3. Tom Krischan

    Book contains 46 pages on introductory propagation methods, followed by very specific information on propagating these plant types: 44 pages on trees, 54 pages on shrubs, 64 pages on perennials, 16 pages on annuals, 20 pages on cacti, 28 pages on bulbs, and 28 pages on vegetables and herbs. In the back are a glossary, an index, and north america hardiness map. Very complete.If you can grow it, the instructions are listed in this book.Book contains hundreds of small, but helpful photographs that demonstrate a process or identify some plant anatomy.Solid information, well worth the money!…

  4. April Linville

    I bought this book for my husband, but I use it more than he does! This is one of the best plant books I have ever seen. The techniques are easy to understand and follow, the pictures are outstanding, and there are TONS of plants listed! This book will take you through the history of plant propagation, genetic ins and outs, and the techniques that you can use in your own garden. If you have a garden full of veggies, or a yard with trees, shrubs, and rose bushes, this book really is a must for you!…

  5. Lisa Pecunia

    Being new to propagation, I have found this book extremely useful and have successfully tried some of the techniques. My only complaint is that the book does not go into further details about how to care for the young, newly rooted plants. For example, how do I overwinter a newly rooted hydrangea? How long after it’s rooted in the rooting medium can I safely transplant it? What do the terms “grow on” and “grow under cover” really mean? The book assumes you know little details like this already.But really, considering the breadth of information the book is trying to cover, I’d say it does a good job of it. It is clear and easy to understand and the instructions are easy to follow. And, yes, it really does list every single kind of plant. I haven’t looked one up yet that I couldn’t find in this book!…

  6. SueP

    I was in search of a good informative book for seed starting and stumbled upon this one. What a find!!! They give detailed instructions for hundreds of plants (including hardy and tropicals) defining exactly what propagating technique(s) works best for each. Softwood cuttings, hardwood cuttings, dividing, grafting (far more methods than I have ever seen in one book) and the various methods of gathering and seed-starting, whether your species prefers cold-stratifying, soaking, scarification or if it prefers to be direct-sown. This book has techniques for reproducing just one or hundreds of plants. I could go on and on but it all boils down to this; If you have any interest in multiplying plants this book is a must!…

  7. Richard Frost

    The previous printing of this book has a green background with 4 photos. The current printing has a cover similar to the “DK Books” edition sold in many national bookstores for quite a bit more money. Inside the cover, the books are identical.The first 47 pages of this book are indispensible (a must read) unless you have mastered both sophomore and junior level (college) courses in plant propagation. These pages are an invaluable guide to gardeners everywhere. Discussed are the general forms of propagation, methods used, etc.Following (pages 48 through 309) are 7 sections on thematic kinds of plants: Trees, Shrubs/Climbers, Perennials, Annuals/Biennials, Cacti/Succulents, Bulbous Plants, Vegetables. Each of these sections contains information on specific methods applicable to these types, and an “A through Z” guide to common Families or Genus (e.g., Guara) in that category, plus specific propagation methods (where applicable) to particular species.The book rivals any collegic textboo…

  8. Heather Anderson

    This book is amazing but I strongly recommend that you buy Alan Toogood’s “Plant Propagation” from a different publisher. The National Home and Gardening Club published this exact same book (with a different hardback cover) the same year the AHSociety published the above book. This book is currently selling on Amazon for just under $5 and is a much better buy.Note: Amazon does not have a photo for Toogood’s other book and most people probably overlook that and purchase the above text….

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