As Time Goes By (The Californians, Book 2)

As Time Goes By (The Californians, Book 2)

Lori Wick's bestselling series The Californians (more than 500,000 copies sold) has a fresh new cover design to delight avid Lori Wick fans and readers just introduced to Lori's beloved fiction.

For five years handsome Jeff Taylor has wanted to apologize to Bobbie Bradford in person. But she left town the day after the humiliating episode at the picnic and never returned. Older now, Jeff has grown in his faith and as a man. Still, the news that Bobbie is returning to Santa Rosa while considering Cleve Ramsey's proposal of marriage comes as a shock. Will their friendship be restored after heartbreaking betrayal? Can love grow as time goes by?

Details As Time Goes By (The Californians, Book 2)

Title As Time Goes By (The Californians, Book 2)
AuthorLori Wick
Release Date1st Mar 2007
PublisherHarvest House Publishers
Pages288 pages

8 reviews on “As Time Goes By (The Californians, Book 2)

  1. Anonymous

    Lori Wick is one of the most talented authors of our time. Every book that she writes, especially this one, takes you into another time and somehow glues you to the story so that you cannot put it down. As Time Goes By is a book that tells the story of a girl who grows into a woman during her 5 year stay at a relative’s house subsequent to a terrible humiliation that takes place in her hometown.When she returns to her hometown, considering a man’s marriage proposal, you will read about the tender romance that bloomes between another man and herself, Roberta Bradford. This fabulous masterpiece created by Lori Wick is a must for anyone who wants to read a great story. Keep up the wonderful work Lori!…

  2. Anonymous

    I absolutely loved the California series, and this is my favorite out of the four (they’re all excellent, though). This story is particularly charming–there’s something about a tale of a handsome young man choosing substance over obvious beauty and then realizing that substance has beauty inside and out!…

  3. Kathy

    I enjoy Lori Wick’s books because they are very enchanting- set in interesting time periods and places. They are easy and interesting to read, and have happy endings. This book is no exception. The story is good, the characters are endearing, and Wick shows how important it is to have a forgiving heart. I highly recommend this book- it is one I will want to read again….

  4. Rachel

    As Time Goes By was the first Lori Wick book I had ever read and I loved it. The characters and her style of writing was very realistic. She blended both humor and seriousness beautifully. Bobby’s character was a delight to read about and it was wonderful watching Jeff as he saw Bobby in a new light. One of Lori’s best and a certain must have….

  5. Elizabeth Merry

    which is exactly what happens in “As Time Goes By”.You start the book five years in the past where Bobbie Bradford is cruelly treated and horribly humiliated. The next day she goes for a visit with her aunt, a visit that lasts five years.Jeff Taylor is worried that history will repeat itself when he finds himself working alongside Bobbie, but Bobbie has come back to town with a new faith in Christ.While Bobbie has never been considered beautiful, Jeff is finding himself more and more drawn to her every day. He learns that she is considering marrying a man for fear it will be her only offer and he starts to worry, for more than one reason.Their friendship slowly turns into love, but neither Jeff nor Bobbie seem to realize it until it’s too late.This is an excellent book that I have read many times over, I highly recommend it….

  6. Customer

    A great read by Lori Wick. I’ve read nearly all of her books, and have come to the point where I find many of them a bit nauseatingly unrealistic. I am a little tired of the let’s-get-them-every-character-saved-and-married-happily stuff. Real life doesn’t work that way — if you are looking for more realistic Christian romance, please read Francine Rivers or Liz Curtis Higgs.HOWEVER, this book is one I’ve read over and over — I don’t get tired of it. It is a very sweet story; one of the the things I believe people like the most is that Bobbie isn’t beautiful; she’s got glasses and ordinary looks. (What were they thinking with the reprinted cover??) But handsome Jeff becomes her friend, and then falls in love with her anyway. Isn’t that what we all secretly wish for? A handsome prince who loves us for the girl inside? This is why so many women connect with this book personally and still sigh at the end after the 34th read! One of Wick’s best. I also liked the fourth one in t…

  7. M. Palmer

    I must admit that the first two thirds of this book seemed to be slow. There were a lot of characters who’s story we had to follow. I didn’t really care about following the story of Sylvia and what’s-his-name. I also felt the author at times was just feeling up pages with other details…With that said, the overall story idea was great. I LOVED the last third of this book. It was great! I enjoyed reading about the kiss and the aftermath of that. It was great. Being a pretty homely person myself, I enjoyed reading about this girl who didn’t really have good looks, had to wear glasses (like me) and, and was short (like me); then this very handsome man who fell in love with her. I was thinking as I read this book that a good title would have been “Love comes softly,” because that’s how it came (but that titles already taken!!!)And of course, my two favorite characters are Rigg and Kate. I don’t think she’ll be able to top their romance story in this series, but we’ll see (actual…

  8. DLynK47

    As stated in my reviews of the OTHER 3 sequels to Whatever Tomorrow Brings, this book is not (in my opinion) AS exciting as the first one, BUT it IS a continuation of the family and I HAD to read it. I now own the whole series and was very happy to find them all right here on Amazon.The book arrived in excellent condition and on time….

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