Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-specific CSFI)

Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-specific CSFI)
BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT Fifteenth Edition is all about "Embracing the new". As students begin their education, they embrace a new culture and need new tools to be successful. BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT can be their guide! Beginning with a new Power Process motivational article called "Embracing the new" students will be empowered to try new tools presented in the textbook to enhance their experience in college and in life. Tools like the Discovery Wheel and Discovery and Intention Journal System to Power Process articles, Master Student Profiles, and the Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI), have made BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT the bestselling College Success textbook and will give students a deeper knowledge of themselves and their power to be successful in college. Integrated technology discussions and tips throughout the chapters help today's students navigate the wide variety of web resources and apps that can support them throughout college. And, with the Fifteenth Edition, Cengage's MindTap Course will bring all of these assets to one place with an integrated technology solution.

Details Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-specific CSFI)

Title Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-specific CSFI)
AuthorDave Ellis
Release Date1st Jan 2014
PublisherWadsworth Publishing
Pages416 pages

8 reviews on “Becoming a Master Student (Textbook-specific CSFI)

  1. John Tutton

    I am required to purchase this book for a class. I know there is no stopping the major textbook publishers from taking advantage of starving students by charging rapacious prices, but this book is published by the instructor. Has he no shame?! AND he publishes a “new” edition every year, so there is no buy-back and no used copies! Is he in education to educate or to make money at the detriment of his students?!…

  2. Jack H.

    I am returning to school in the fall, having been out for some time I feel that this text is going to be an invaluable resource. After skimming through the book, I have already stumbled across some great tips that I am anxious to dive into deeper. While it may seem annoying that you cannot rent this book or purchase a used one for the class you are taking, keep in mind that there are assignments in this book that you directly hand in to your professor. I chose the loose leaf version because it was MUCH cheaper than the bound paperback version. I purchased a 1″ binder with a D-ring and it fit perfectly….

  3. Genevieve duMont

    First off, and most importantly, I wouldn’t rent this as an E-Book if at all possible, ESPECIALLY if you’re using it for a class. There are a lot of exercises on the book that require you to write inside the book itself, and having to print out a page, or find some way to get around not being able to physically manipulate the text is frustrating. Get the physical copy if you can.Second of all, the book itself is pretty pointless if you have a good sense of self-awareness. For the everyday individual, most of this is common knowledge and this book ends up being little more than pages of busy work with only the occasional spark that comes with finding something new. Considering that this book is almost 80 dollars to buy, that’s incredibly annoying.However, if you haven’t been in school for a while, or you aren’t really sure of where you stand as a student, this might be a good buy. Not only does the text book go over things like how to study, how to manage time, and how to keep goals, bu…

  4. Heraldo Domingues

    Very good! Loved!!! Great idea for text book. I’m excited for this class… The book looks good. I hope that surprise me….

  5. Customer

    I prefer to leave no stars! I rented this book however this product was not advertised as to the number of missing pages or the fact that it was missing pages at all!!…

  6. Customer

    This is the BEST resource for getting A’s in college. All other book bow to this book. Wish I had started using this book earlier in my undergrad career….

  7. DPL

    A classic. I don’t feel the price for the new edition is warranted, but any used edition will give students a great set of study skills to use throughout college. It lacked for me a focus on Career investigations for undergrads. Years of mentoring and tutoring, and I find providing undergrads with career guidance is essential to getting the students to embrace and actually utilize the study skills in Becoming a Master Student’. If Ellis added such a component, this book would be the ultimate book for college success. Buy it with ‘The Career-Minded Student’ to offset the Master Studeny’s oversight. The Career-Minded Student…

  8. Kevin Gallegos

    I was able to rent my book so I saved a lot of money. For the required assignments in the book I just made hard copies of them a did them without tearing out any pages. I feel this book offers excellent skills that can be implemented by students of all levels….

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