The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy

The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy
It's time for an introduction to philosophy textbook that you can relate to and enjoy reading! THE BIG QUESTIONS: A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY tackles the tough issues and helps you form your own opinions about course topics while presenting the best philosophical selections available.

Details The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy

Title The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy
AuthorRobert C. Solomon
Release Date10th Feb 2009
PublisherCengage Learning
Pages448 pages

7 reviews on “The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy

  1. Jonathon Agee

    This is a perfect primer for understanding philosphy: Both fundamentally and practically. Being in its 8th edition, that is testimony to its enduring quality and contribution to the education of philosophy student. The unfortunate flip side to this is that it still commands a high price due to the gouging of college students that have to buy the book….

  2. Focused&Determined

    This book was detailed and in good shape when I received it.I’m glad I ordered it;) I recommend it!…

  3. Carmen

    This is a good beginner’s guide to philosophy. It covers several different areas of philosophy with information from several prominent philosophers. I don’t really know much about philosophy so I can’t give you an in depth review. Philosophy tends to raise more questions then it answers I’m finding. There are lots of questions for the reader to answer and ponder over. The book actually makes me want to do further reading and research, so that’s nice….

  4. Nick Garner

    Bought the text for an online Philosophy class. Lots of good insight, however, the ideas and concepts can be somewhat confusing and contradicting at times though….

  5. Howard Parad

    Very useful for sophisticated and beginning students and for curious intellectuals….

  6. Abner Rosenweig

    This is a fantastic introduction because it recognizes the central aspect of philosophy as the careful articulation of one’s own thoughts, and it encourages the reader to dive in and do philosophy while he or she works through the fundamental human questions in the book.Solomon and Higgins introduce the big ideas philosophers have been grappling with through the ages; present several classic perspectives for each; encourage the reader to examine and develop his or her own thoughts by asking targeted questions; and, they point the reader to additional sources for further investigation.Philosophy is often dismissed as out of touch with modern life–why should we listen to a bunch of old dead white guys, anyway? This book places the reader at the center of the philosophical project, and it immediately involves him or her in the great questions humans have pondered throughout the ages….

  7. Sean Russell

    An excellent primer on philosophical inquiry….

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