The Dare and the Doctor (Winner Takes All)

The Dare and the Doctor (Winner Takes All)
With writing that's “nothing significantly less than brilliant” (Booklist) comes the 3rd in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All series from Kate Noble! Dr. Rhys Gray and Miss Margaret Babcock are friends-strictly friends. But during the period of the year, because they exchange a large number of letters, they talk about personal details that hook them up to the road to something even more. When Dr. Gray assists Margaret recognize her dearest wish and she involves his protection in the uproar that comes after, it appears that their connection can't be denied. But will their romantic relationship stand the scruples of culture and jealous intendeds, or are they destined to end up being just friends, and nothing even more? An ideal novel for fans of Regency Era romance, The Dare and the physician is a clever and passionate love story worth sharing.

Details The Dare and the Doctor (Winner Takes All)

Title The Dare and the Doctor (Winner Takes All)
AuthorKate Noble
Release Date22nd Nov 2016
PublisherPocket Books
FormatMass Market Paperback
Pages384 pages

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