Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

“Magician in the kitchen” Marlene Koch is back with the third book in her bestselling “Eat What You Love” series. Eat What You Love–Everyday! offers 200 brand-new guilt-free recipes for every day, every occasion—and everyone! No one knows the foods Americans love to eat best, or makes fat, calories, and sugar “disappear” like Marlene. With easy-to-make great tasting recipes, and gorgeous mouthwatering images, Eat What You Love—Everyday! is the golden ticket for anyone who wants to eat the foods they love, and still look and feel their best, including those on weight loss or diabetes diets. Includes amazing makeovers from restaurants like Panda Express, Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks, complete with compelling comparisons (Pasta Carbonara for 335 calories—not 1,440!), special occasion dishes, comprehensive nutritional analysis including Food Exchanges and Weight Watcher plus points comparisons for every recipe, and new options for all-natural, sugar-free sweeteners and glutenfree eating.

Incredible Testimonials from Marlene’s fans:

“I am happy to let you know I have lost 52 pounds and 4 dress sizes due to your wonderful recipes.”

“I have a very picky husband and with each recipe he goes back for seconds! Thank you for making your recipes easy to follow and SO YUMMY.”

“I have lost over 40 pounds since March of this year and my A1Cs have dropped from 9.6 to 6.2 in 6 months.”

Details Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

Title Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories
AuthorMarlene Koch
Release Date22nd Apr 2014
PublisherRunning Press
Pages352 pages

7 reviews on “Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

  1. prisrob

    This review is from: Eat What You Love–Everyday!: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories (Hardcover)’Guilt Free Goodness’ are the first three words in Marlene Koch’s new cookbook, and these words fits this cookbook to a ‘T’. This is a cookbook filled with low fat, low sugar, and low calorie foods that we love. I was a skeptic, until a friend invited me for lunch, and the food was so delicious. She waited until the end of the meal to mention this was all low fat, sugar and calorie. I read through Marlene Koch’s cookbook, and when this new cookbook was available I ordered it.I admit I still cook with some full fat and sugar recipes, but I try to limit those days. I am getting older and have found I put on pounds very easily. Having a choice in how to prepare foods that taste good but are healthier is a real advantage. Not only are we privy to 200 new recipes, but the information gleaned from this cookbook is vital for all of us.In slashing the sugar, trimming…

  2. RhondaH70

    I have her other two and this one does not disappoint! Down to earth, everyday recipes that simply modify ingredients to lower fat/sugar/calorie choices. Even my husband and son have loved most everything I’ve tried out of her books….

  3. Debra Poore

    This is the third book in this series and I have all three. If she puts out a fourth I will buy it immediately. I belong to Weight Watchers and I have several of their cookbooks, but rarely use them. Some of the food in the WW books doesn’t appeal to me. BUT the recipes in this book are wonderful. It is food that anyone would enjoy, made healthy. I have made several of the dishes to rave reviews. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and this is the first time I feel like I can keep losing, keep it off and still eat the kind of foods I like….

  4. diane fuller

    I LOVE these cookbook from Marlene Koch! This is the third one in her series and I have all of them. I use them ALL THE TIME! I I have not made a recipe yet that we haven’t loved. I always highlight in pink, the recipes I’ve tried and liked and green for those I didn’t, in the index of my cookbooks so that I remember which ones were good or not, all three of these cookbooks have nothing but pink highlights in them! I love that the nutrition info is listed on each recipe. I do the Weight Watchers program and count points and she INCLUDES those as well! It’s wonderful. If you’re trying to cook more healthy but still want to eat food that tastes good, GET THESE BOOKS!…

  5. Downeasta

    I bought one of these for myself from QVC when it first came out. Liked it so much have bought 4 more as gifts. Lots of information regarding ingredients and what works best with certain recipes. Full color pictures of recipes as well as the Weight Watcher Points Plus calculated as well as nutritional values for each. The bed is the fact that we are talking everyday recipes and not something that one might make for a special occasion. Ingredients that are easy to find and purchase as well as things you most likely stock in your cupboard….

  6. RAYT721

    For those of you who have read my reviews you know that I rarely give five stars because there’s always room for improvement somewhere but for this one I not only give six stars but I am looking into the other cookbooks from this author, hoping that I can rate them as equally high as this one. Also for those of you have read my reviews, you know that I won’t even consider buying a cookbook without a test drive (or taste drive) by checking it out from the library. That is where I found this cookbook and where I will be pre-screening the others before committing to purchase.I am borderline diabetic and my wife had gastric surgery so carbs and sugar are both very important considerations for us when choosing to try out new recipes. We are equally disappointed even with diabetic friendly recipes at how high the carb counts are let alone the fat and caloric values and such small portions. That’s what my wife and I both LIKE about this “Eat What You Love – Everyday!” cookbook. For us it’s im…

  7. Carter West

    We’ve been using Marlene recipes for a few years now. I’m not much thinner (wifey is) but my blood sugar is well in the normal, cholesterol normal, and blood pressure normal (until the dogs start barking). Darn tasty stuff there Marlene!…

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