Elon Musk: Renaissance Man

Elon Musk: Renaissance Man
“Optimism, pessimism, f*** that--we're going to make it happen.” - Elon Musk Elon Musk is a modern-day fusion of Henry Ford and Isaac Asimov. One of the most successful and renowned entrepreneurs in the world, he’s an unstoppable force in multiple industries. If Musk glances at your business, your product, or your engineers, watch out… he’s about to ruin your day.

Details Elon Musk: Renaissance Man

Title Elon Musk: Renaissance Man
AuthorRyan McIntire
Release Date21st Mar 2015
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages130 pages

8 reviews on “Elon Musk: Renaissance Man

  1. stan

    Good fast read containing the accomplishments and background of Elon Musk. Minus one star for being a one sided account of his life, but if you would like a summary of his accomplishments and a positive view of future technology development, check it out…

  2. Adrien C

    Elon Musk is probably one of the most remarkable technology and business leaders of our times, and this book does a great job in compiling his main personality traits, achievements and quotes. Highly recommended….

  3. Esam

    Everyone knows about Steve Jobs. Everyone NEEDS to know about Elon Musk. You learn about Elon’s childhood, early years forming Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX, and his vision for the future. It’s concise, doesn’t contain any fluff, and will help inform you about this great entrepreneur not nearly enough people know about….

  4. E.A. Gray

    As an avid follower of Elon Musk’s professional activities, I was highly interested in knowing more about the dynamics of his character as well. I purchased this book in the hopes that it would illuminate me on such details while also giving me more information about the trajectory of his life in general. Not only did this biographical account provide the vivid details that I wanted, but it also incorporated a varying array of Mr. Musk’s ideals and maxims. Due to this material, my appreciation for such a forward thinking man has actually grown. To read about someone that actually wants to help change the world for the better while being a stellar entrepreneurial example is all too rare in the world. Also, for the author to cover Elon’s life through the window of his differing endeavors was the perfect way to structure the novel. From his initial foray into gaming all the way up to his ventures with the Hyperloop, the book covers the expanse of Elon’s life all the way up t…

  5. PL

    I’ve always been intrigued by Elon Musk. Between Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal, I’ve always been a fan of his endeavors. I bought this book hoping to learn more about him, with all the info in one place. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It’s a quick read that starts with his early life in South Africa and ends with Musk’s views on the future. One of things I like about this book is that it uses lots of quotes from Elon and his family, too. I definitely finished the book feeling inspired. If you’re an Elon Musk fan, you’ll enjoy this book….

  6. Kerah13

    Nathaniel Oliver’s “Elon Musk: Renaissance Man” is a compelling look at the life, accomplishments, and philosophy of Elon Musk, the famous CEO of Tesla Motors and other well-known corporations.Musk’s tale is entertaining and inspiring- he started with nothing and now has everything. His story embodies the American Dream and still proves that an idea, hard work, and determination can pay off. I didn’t really know about him before this book, let alone the fact that so many famous companies are his brainchild. This book will definitely educate and enlighten you about this interesting man and his vision for the future.Must reading for biography fans and anyone interested in an inspiring story and looking towards the future….

  7. Christian Phillips

    This was a good title to get started with. Was a bit shorter than I expected, but for the price I think it was good value. I would call this Elon Musk 101 – if you like the info, then you invest in more pricey books that will go into more detail.In contrast to other reviews, I liked the “racey” language since it kept things more real. But others may have issues with it. So be warned, all those of you would are looking for G-rated reading material.The editing of this title was not so hot. Think the author could have done a bit better with this. If the title had been edited better, would have given this a 4 star. But the copy look a bit half-*ssed so I am reviewing it accordingly.But definitely worth it if you are looking to get a quick overview of the cool nutty genius that is Elon Musk….

  8. Billy Rubin

    I got this after reading Ashlee Vance’s book on Musk and this was actually a let down. This book is more of a pithy “you can do it too!” rah rah book than a truly informative book on Elon’s success. Each section ( I can’t really call them “chapters”) addresses a trait or a tid bit of trivial information and then uses a quote or two from Elon to support the idea. Not really an eye-opening book but might be a good high school graduation gift or something….

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