Fade Out (Kindle Single)

Fade Out (Kindle Single)
Fade Out was named one of the best Kindle Singles of the year by Amazon.

At 28, writer Kayleen Schaefer's brother was one of the most promising young filmmakers in Hollywood, having shot to success as the writer and director of "Chapter 27," starring future Oscar-winner Jared Leto as John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman. Then, five years later, to the surprise of those closest to him, he left it all behind—abandoning his career, his family and his life, without telling anyone where he was going. ‪

With only a vague idea of where he might be, Schaefer went looking for her kid brother, embarking on a journey that would take her all the way to Mazatlán, Mexico, to learn why he left and, in doing so, discover who she was without him.

Kayleen Schaefer is a journalist who writes for Vogue, New York, The New York Times, ELLE, The New Yorker, Lucky, ESPN the Magazine, BuzzFeed, and many other publications. Her website is kayleenschaefer.com.

Cover design by David Drummond.

Details Fade Out (Kindle Single)

Title Fade Out (Kindle Single)
AuthorKayleen Schaefer
Release Date13th May 2015
FormatKindle eBook
Pages51 pages

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