Fighting Fate (Elliott Family)

Fighting Fate (Elliott Family)
Sam I've got a bad attitude, I know it and I would never deny it but it's all a cover. I can't let people too close if I do they'll realise what my home life is like and I can't risk them finding out. That is until my new teacher walks into my life and changes it for the better. When I need sanctuary it's him i go to and its him and his family who help me move on, grow up and become the person I want to be. Jake She almost made me quit before I started in my new job, just her reports made me want to run but then I met her and realised there was so much more inside her that just needed to be brought to the surface. The problem was I found myself attracted to the real Sam and I had to fight that I wouldn't let my feelings ruin my life. I had to stand firm but could I fight fate? Sophie I'm in love with my brothers best friend, I didn't want to be but the heart didn't always listen to the head. He was a womanizer and I couldn't stand for him to break my heart. Lee I'm in love with my best friends twin sister, I wanted to change my ways and prove I could be the right man for her but I didn't think her family would approve and I owed them everything. Could i risk everything to be with the woman I loved? Strong sex scenes. (There are no teacher/student sex scenes)

Details Fighting Fate (Elliott Family)

Title Fighting Fate (Elliott Family)
AuthorStephanie Sasmaz
Release Date9th Feb 2017
PublisherIndependently published
Pages308 pages

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