Filthy English: Romantic Tryst (BOOK 1)

Filthy English: Romantic Tryst (BOOK 1)
...the agreement is to meet one time and never see each other again...

In Carolina’s empty life something very personal was missing, she has a deep desire and a hidden fetish. All she wants is to break the rules with an unknown man just one time, as she is unable to fall in love for long...there was no man able to catch her lost and one day broken heart...But she misses the taste of a kiss, a firm grip and the smell of a man’s body close to her.

She finds a guy online physically very appealing to her, they talked for a couple months giving Carolina the impression he was a little bit arrogant and self centred, but she is only interested having fun.
Finally they get together, and Carolina has the most intense and best romantic tryst in her life...

After...nothing seems real... messing around with sorrow she can’t get that arrogant and yet so damn tasty man out of her head and without noticing nor wanting, Carolina fall head over heels in love for a fantasy, a man that only exists inside her head....
...Noticing Carolina’s interest, the filthy English plays stick and carrot, manipulating her deepest feelings to keep her fascinated in him. Because he is in love for another woman who plays him all the time... and he doesn’t want to lose both.

When Carolina’s has enough of his games, and puts an end to everything...they wake up the next day in a desert island kidnapped...and married

Don’t miss this book Filthy English - a romantic tryst from Danielle Greyson

Danielle Greyson is the author of: The Butterfly Garden – A Gripping Thriller

Details Filthy English: Romantic Tryst (BOOK 1)

Title Filthy English: Romantic Tryst (BOOK 1)
AuthorDanielle Greyson
Release Date1st Aug 2016
PublisherGreyson's Publisher
FormatKindle eBook
Pages30 pages

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