First We Have Coffee

First We Have Coffee

Margaret’s warm stories of life as the daughter of a Scandinavian pastor in Canada touches readers’ hearts with timeless lessons of unwavering faith and family love.

Details First We Have Coffee

Title First We Have Coffee
AuthorMargaret Jensen
Release Date1st Oct 1995
PublisherHarvest House Publishers
Pages204 pages

8 reviews on “First We Have Coffee

  1. Anonymous

    First We Have Coffee is the most inspirational anduplifting book I have read in years! The true story of the Tweten family kept me laughing and crying and then laughing again until the very end when I finally put the book down and sobbed. Through joy and sorrow, this is the best example of a mother’s unwavering faith I have ever read. Ella Tweten’s example inspired me and kept me glued to the pages. Not wanting it to end, yet wanting to drink it all in as fast as possible to the very satisfying end. First We Have Coffee is a must read!! Reviewed By: Colleen Cato…

  2. Anonymous

    A friend gave me this book while I was going through a difficult time. It was a perfect distraction. I enjoyed Mrs. Jensen’s descriptions of being part of a preacher’s family. I have since bought this book as a gift for others and have had them remark on how they were touched and inspired by it….

  3. Greta Erdman

    This book is the best faith builder I’ve read in a long time. “Mama’s” frequent reminders of God’s faithfulness are real and convicting. Mrs. Jensen is a marvelous storyteller….

  4. Anonymous

    This is an excellent book to read. I have this book and I have passed it around to my friends. It is a very heart warming story. I hope you like it….

  5. Bennett Murphy

    I was surprised by how attractive biblical marriage is portrayed within the pages of this encouraging little book. This is not about how to have a happy marriage/family life when both partners are ‘wonderful’. This is the life-story of a woman who applied God’s truths to her life and trusted in the Lord for the outcome. Her husband didn’t suddenly turn into the romantic white knight she may have dreamed about in her youth, but she loved and respected him, even regarding his differences. She walked the walk, sacrificing many things to the Lord, and found that the secret to a happy life was a thankful heart. There just aren’t very many Christian books out there that unabashedly take God’s word as it is written. So many water it down with situational ethics…this one does not, but what an encouraging and riveting biography for us to follow….

  6. Mrs. S. Connell

    This is the story of an immigrant family in the early 1900s. Many times were hard but the family’s faith in God brought them through. This is a very easy to read book with stories that put the reader in the setting. The stories, although enlightening about living in that time period, also serve the purpose of building one’s faith by seeing how Mama believed God’s promises and helped all her children to believe them too. This book is a pleasure to read & the reader will feel better after having read it….

  7. Anonymous

    I was given this book as a gift and just fell in love with it. I now keep several copies on hand to give as gifts. Its easy to read and full of depth! Any mother would enjoy reading it… young or old! It inspires you to be a better Mom and wife. What I love about books like this, is that you fall in love with the family. You get to know all the kids and the mother and father. By the end of the book, you don’t want the family to go….

  8. Arlene Chase

    “First We Have Coffee” is one of the dearest books I’ve read. I have bought it over and over again for many years, only to give my copy away and buy another. I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with Mama. If I could be that kind of Godly Mother, I would rejoice. God bless Margaret Jensen. What a talent she has. I have read many of her books and loved them all, but this was my favorite. I am going to order several for my Grand girls. Good lessons for today’s younger generation, especially the ones who have too much!…

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