Girl on the Rocks: A Woman’s Guide To Climbing With Strength, Grace, And Courage

Girl on the Rocks: A Woman’s Guide To Climbing With Strength, Grace, And Courage
Through the sage advice of one of the world’s foremost female climbers and the lens of an internationally acclaimed photographer, women learn that climbing is more fun than dangerous, that overcoming fear can boost self-esteem, and that the fitness benefits for women are tremendous. Most women learn climbing from men, but the sport is different fora woman, both physically and psychologically―and it is empowering for women to learn about climbing from “girls” who’ve been on the rocks themselves.

The numerous photos in this full-color guide do wonders to clearly explain the various techniques, equipment, and styles of climbing for women. Further bringing the sport to life, author Katie Brown presents her interviews with numerous female climbers―from a young girl to a sixty-something professional climber―to learn what the sport has done for them.

Details Girl on the Rocks: A Woman’s Guide To Climbing With Strength, Grace, And Courage

Title Girl on the Rocks: A Woman’s Guide To Climbing With Strength, Grace, And Courage
AuthorKatie Brown
Release Date18th Nov 2008
PublisherFalcon Guides
Pages160 pages

8 reviews on “Girl on the Rocks: A Woman’s Guide To Climbing With Strength, Grace, And Courage

  1. Rachel

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Katie Brown has a down-to-earth style that shows her good personality. Although she talks about her successes, she is honest about her fears and occasional difficulties with climbing. I had slacked off on climbing, but this book really inspired me to get back into the sport I love….

  2. S. Weiser

    I ordered this book for my 13-year old granddaughter who is a rock climber. What a wonderful inspiration Katie Brown is. My girl loved the book and wants to keep it for future inspiration….

  3. serious shopper

    I have been climbing a year indoors and hover in the 5.10a-c ranges. I thought the book would help me have some breakthroughs specifically geared for women. It touches upon some things I could do to improve towards the end of the book. Felt the guide is better suited for those who are starting out rather than for those who have some experience. The book is heavy on personal experiences by the author and fellow female climbers which was nice leisure reading but it did not necessarily add to the content of the book. More on training and exercises would have helped this book get a higher rating from me….

  4. bekka74

    if you’re looking for all the techinical stuff get another book. however this is perfect for those starting out and need the inspiration from other female climbers who have done rock climbing. it gives a different perspective on rock climbing since as a female we have less strength then men and it walks you through over coming things on the rock that a man may not understand. the best part is just reading that nomatter your life style or fitness level you can learn to climb!…

  5. S.K.

    This is a great book balanced between the technical aspect of learning to climb and facing challenges, fears, and stereotypes of women and how to take risks in life. Great book for teen girl book study group….

  6. April

    As a woman climber I did take a lot from this book but I admit I was looking for more beta as it were for those of us already past the fear stage and the initial desire to climb. I think this is a great book for women who are thinking about climbing as it seems more oriented to the new climber, which is great, but I didn’t gain a whole lot as someone having been climbing for several years….

  7. Liz

    This book is great for those who are just starting out to rock climb. I love the interviews that are in the book because it shows different perspectives of why these women climb, I only gave it 4 stars because the structure in writing stood out to me. Other than that, great book!…

  8. Meggan A Wenbourne

    I’ve been a climber for years and yet I am still learning from Katie’s book. She is straight forward and points out things that I have always thought about but have never had another person state. I am thankful I purchased this book and will be recommending it to my female climbing friends new and seasoned to the sport. Thanks Katie!…

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