Helen Keller (Young Yearling Book)

Helen Keller (Young Yearling Book)
From the age of a year and a half, Helen Keller could not hear. She could not see, and she did not speak. She lived in a dark and lonely world--until Annie Sullivan came to teach her. Annie traced letters and words in Helen's hand, and made Helen realize she could "talk" to people. Eager to make up for lost time, Helen threw herself into her studies. She decided to teach others about the special training deaf and blind children need. Helen traveled all over the globe and raised money to start up schools for deaf and blind children. Her courage and her determination to help others conquer the odds against them earned her the respect and admiration of the world.

Details Helen Keller (Young Yearling Book)

Title Helen Keller (Young Yearling Book)
AuthorStewart Graff
Release Date1st Mar 1991
Pages64 pages

8 reviews on “Helen Keller (Young Yearling Book)

  1. Anonymous

    This is really a touching story! Helen Keller who is blind and deaf is a brave girl and I admit her very much. I think all of you will love it….

  2. BeatleBangs1964

    This is an excellent starter book that introduces Helen Keller to young readers. Deaf and blind since the age of 1 1/2, Helen communicated by a means of crude signs. Desperate to reach their child, Helen’s parents hired a young “teacher,” named Anne Sullivan. Nearly blind herself, Annie spelled words into Helen’s hand in order to impress upon her the concept of identifying all objects and people. This book does a good job of not remaining stuck at the water pump where Annie’s lesson reached its mark.I like the way the book follows Helen’s progress and follows her down the road beyond that water pump. She becomes a fund raiser for other deaf-blind children and is a supporter of the Perkins Institute for the Blind, where she is a student. She embarks on fund raisers and sends numerous letters to newspapers banging on the drum for persons both deaf and blind. Tommy Stringer, a young boy from the Philadelphia area becomes Helen’s first “charge.” Once having raised the money for Tom…

  3. Anonymous

    The book is awesome because it was about Helen Keller. She was blind,deaf and could not talk. It was Helen Keller’s birthday, and she went to go eat some cake and her mom took the cake away from her. And she went running outside and she fell and hurt her self with thorns. Then Helen Keller went with this teacher so they can show her. And at the end she could hear and she was not deaf and she could talk. I thik the author tride to tell us that it dosent mater if your blind deaf and could not talk. You still count the same And he tride to tell us that don’t be embbarresed if you can’t talk. I think that it was a good book. Because it tells you about alot of things. And like I said it explains very good and sugest you read the book Helen Keller. IT’S THE BEST…

  4. Anonymous

    The story is about a girl that is disabould. One day she got very mad at everybody. That she started it hit her little sister. And her mother and father. So her perents decided to call a special teacher. To help her get through all this anger. So the teacher that help Helen was Annie. Is not given up on disabould kids. Because just how Helen got through all of this she made is too. Where she could talk a couple of wards. That us people that are not disabould . Can say like water,spone. So think that’s the theme. What I like about this book is that. It shows lots of love and care. I recommend this book to the whole world. Because it is a very good book to the disabould kids. Like Helen Keller. You can learn alot by this book….

  5. Anonymous

    This book is called Helen Keller crusader for the blind and deaf. It is written by Stewart and Polly Anne Graff. This book is about a girl that isblind and deaf a month after being born. Her mom tells somebody to help her. She starts to learn how to spell different words with her hand. When she grows up she starts helping people like her. I think what the book was saying is to keep on trying. That it does not matter if you’re blind or deaf. You can still do things other people that can see and hear, do. It does not matter if they have an illness. The part that I liked was when she was helping everybody in Japan even when the United States wasin a war with Japan. I also liked how she traveled from place to place to help people. I recommened this book. I recommened this book to people that judge other people differently. It has a really good ending. Read the book and find out what it is….

  6. Anonymous

    …I think Stewart and Polly Anne Graff the author of Helen Keller Crusader of the Blind and Deaf made a good book about her life. This book is about a girl that is deaf and blind after a month of her birth, she gets help from a lady that help’s her understand word’s. The book also talks about her life and how she succeeded in her life. I think that the message of this book, is no matter if there’s something wrong with you, like you’re blindness or deafness you could still succeeded in life no matter what. Helen Keller tells the same problem to the soldiers who get out of war. It also says to never give up. This is a very good book and I liked it a lot. I hope I could read it again. I really do recommend this book to people of all ages. If it was possible I would like to meet her and thank her for everything….

  7. Heidi A. Parrott

    Very disappointed. This a very simple book that is much too young for ages 9-12 as it states. I doubt my daughters teacher will allow her to use it for her book report….

  8. S. Swanson

    I bought this for my granddaughter after she expressed an interested in Helen Keller. Her 2nd grade class had a section on Ms. Keller’s life and it sparked an interest. A good book. We also watched the 1962 Miracle Worker movie. We both loved it. Thank you Amazon Prime!…

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