Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy)

Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy)
The ultimate Guardians Trilogy novel from the #1 NY Times bestselling writer of Bay of Sighs and Superstars of Fortune. As the search for the Superstar of Ice network marketing leads the six guardians to Ireland, Doyle, the immortal, have to face his tragic past. Three centuries back, he closed away his heart, however his warrior spirit continues to be drawn to the crazy. And there’s nobody more acquainted with the wild than Riley-and the wolf within her... An archaeologist, Riley is zero stranger to the coast of Clare, however now she finds herself in uncertain footing, targeted by the dark goddess who would like more than the superstars, more than the bloodstream of the guardians. While looking through Irish background for clues which will business lead them to the ultimate star and the mystical Island of Cup, Riley must combat her practical character and admit her unexpected appeal to Doyle is a lot more than just a fling. For this is his power that may sustain her and present her the power to perform towards love-and save all of them...

Details Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy)

Title Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy)
AuthorNora Roberts
Release Date6th Dec 2016
Pages352 pages

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