Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood
Meditations on the central issues and needs of human existence--considered a twentieth-century spiritual classic.

Details Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Title Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood
AuthorMary Strong
Release Date8th Nov 1991
Pages256 pages

8 reviews on “Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

  1. Anonymous

    Although this is a new discovery for me personally, this book has been a source of inspiration for the generations since WWII.  I was alerted to this by a man at a used book store who told that this book, a gift from his mother, had been a special source of guidance for him over the years.  He claimed this to be a hidden treasure, the best book on the “Spiritual shelf.”   He may be right.  The book is constituted by anonymous epistles from lay and clergypersons which were published in a periodical, titled “The Churchman,” between 1934 and 1948.  Interspersed with these letters are classical quotations from the sages of all time.  I read from cover to cover last night and felt connected to the timeless wisdom of the ages and inspired by the Spirit of the unknown authors. This is an exceptional read. It would make a great gift. We have chosen this as the Spiritwalk Book of the Month for April, 1999. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for something …

  2. Marina Moonlight

    I came across this book that was being discarded by the Quaker meeting I was attending. Since then, I have read one of the letters each morning and evening before my meditations. Sometimes I read the same letter over and over until its meaning penetrates my consciousness. Though I have read this book over 20 times, each reading is fresh,and brings new wisdom and confidence and joy. And it seems to have a magical quality- each reading feels as though it was written specifically for the issues that I am grappling with at that moment. I have always thought of it as my own personal book, given to me through some act of grace. I am so glad to read that others have responded to it in a similiar way. It is truly a great spiritual guide, simple and profound….

  3. Anonymous

    In this world of hyper-activity and noise, Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood is a call back to Center. It is a friend standing at the gate of the “narrow way”, saying with calm confidence: “This is the Way…Walk ye in it.” I have entered an entirely new dimension of faith and living because these contemplatives have shared their rich faith and wisdom in this collection of letters. My communion with Christ and fellowship with the Holy Spirit only deepens as I practice contemplative prayer. I will read and reread this book for the rest of my life. It is an unending wellspring of hope, guidance and truth. I will treasure this book always and forever bless the hand and heart of the friend who first gave it to me….

  4. David Spangler

    I first came across this book when I was in high school forty years ago and I have loved it ever since. It is a true classic of western spirituality, filled with wisdom and practical insights. I have given many copies away and have used it as a text in classes on spirituality. I come back to it over and over again, and it still remains fresh and new. If I had to pick one book to take with me to a desert island to be a spiritual companion, it would be this one. Outstanding!…

  5. Anonymous

    I first found Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood as a discard on a religious book rack. It was an old, out of print hardcover edition, and I came to treasure it. Unfortunately, one day I left it on a bench, and didn’t find it when I went back. I have grown to believe that someone who needed it more than I at that moment found it. That seems to be the way it came to me. I have since replaced it with the newer, paperback version, and I still value it greatly. It is a book you can open to any spot, at any time, in any need, and find something to speak to you. Truly timeless and inspired….

  6. Deanna

    The Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood is the best book I have ever owned. I bought it many times at used book stores to give to friends since I found my own copy in the early 1980s. I am so glad to see that it was reprinted in 1991. Now I just order it from Amazon. This is a book that I have never read from the front to the back. I have always just closed my eyes for a moment then opened it. It is ALWAYS on the right page. Not magic, just real. 5 stars plus a heart. Buy this book. Your answers are in it too. Then listen….

  7. Paul Miller

    These epistles were printed in a religious weekly from 1934 to 1948, then they were gathered and published in book form. Many of them were written in the difficult days of World War two. The letters have been interpolated with quotations from the great company scattered the world over who have found faith to walk in immortality now. The letters, we are told, are not written by one person, yet the likeness of terminology and viewpoint make them appear to be from one mind. One thing is certain these letters come from a higher register. Mary Holbrook Wilson Strong arranged the letters and gathered the quotes in this wonderful spiritual resource of a book….

  8. Luisa

    This book has been a frequent mentor for me since 1963. Without it, I’d have stayed far more shallow than I did. No kidding. It still wakes me up. Since I”m Episcopalian and its letters were originally published in an Episcopalian journal it’s probably only natural that I appreciate it, though probably not all Episcopalians are as oriented to the mystical (for lack of a better word) understanding it expresses. I admire both the letters and the great array of quotations from all kinds of sources that surround them. I’m very glad it’s still in print, and I was floored to read all the reviews about it. I’d thought it was some strange older book that few people knew of but I’d just happened to find and get a lot out of. Seeing that it had many fans emboldened me to give copies to both my intellectually hypercritical husband and very secular (but scientifically open to awe) sister, both of whom have found it helpful. Like me, they saw you can easily read past its archaic gender prejudice…

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