25 hard-hitting ways that you are being manipulated to your detriment. Do you wonder why your partner is routinely nasty to you? Why does he or she seem to pick arguments for no reason? Do you find yourself going around in circles with him or her? Are you anxious and trying to second guess what they will do or say? You are being manipulated. Learn what these methods of manipulation are, how they are deployed, why they are used and the effect they have on you. You will be alarmed at how effective and familiar these techniques are, even though you did not realise that you were being manipulated. This direct and forceful guide will thrill, chill and make you feel ill. A must read if you wish to save yourself.

Details Manipulated

Title Manipulated
AuthorH G Tudor
Release Date23rd Dec 2016
PublisherIndependently published
Pages101 pages

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