Wilde by name, wild by nature ‒ handsome young Irishman Michael Wilde is as passionate about his country as he is about his women.

On the eve of the Easter Uprising in 1916 17-year-old Michael entices an Irish beauty from under the nose of bullyboy John Joseph Donnelly at a ceilidh and is later given a brutal beating for his cheek, left to die in a bog.

Everybody else loves Michael – especially hunchback Eli McNiffe whom Michael protected from other local thugs and then offered friendship and hope. Eli repays the favour when he rescues Michael’s ragdoll body from otherwise certain death and carries it to the home of the ‘widow’ Biddy Reilly who restores it to life.

Biddy is also the aunt of Kathleen, the girl whose twinkling eye led to Michael’s thumping, and she helps the healing process in the only way she knows how.

But fully fit and back to work at his Uncle Barney’s creamery, the red-blooded teenager gradually awakens to – and soon engages in – the growing grassroots resistance to the oppression of his country by the British Crown.
But the English may not be the only enemy ‒ Irishmen are pitted against fellow Irishmen.

What unfolds is a brave young man’s determination to avenge treachery against loyalists over and above the ending of English occupation.

A natural leader and fearless fighter, Michael is destined to play a key part in the fateful events in Dublin. Amid the rapaciousness of battle, Michael nevertheless finds himself consumed in a searing relationship with a nurse tending his wounds

Whilst on the run to a remote part of the country after killing his Irish police sergeant torturer, he finds another wild-eyed colleen ready to enjoy love on the wing.

Despite ultimate failure in Dublin, the rebellion is growing. But what fate awaits Michael as he is drawn ever deeper into divided loyalties within his own community?

In Rebellion, Philip McCormac skilfully entwines the passions of patriotism with the pleasures of the flesh and counterpoints the gentleness of sexual contact with the ruthless brutality of politics, war, treachery and oppression. It’s an intoxicating brew.

Philip McCormac lives in Leicestershire, England. When he first started writing he wrote short horror and New Age philosophy published in various small press magazines. He is a prolific western writer having 14 Black Horse Westerns published under P.McCormac and various pen names. In December 2010 his first crime novel MacLean was published. His second, Tone Death is also published by Endeavour Press.

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Details Rebellion

Title Rebellion
AuthorPhilip McCormac
Release Date22nd Jun 2016
PublisherEndeavour Press
FormatKindle eBook
Pages256 pages

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