Philanderer. Tomcat. Skirt chaser. Heartbreaker. These are all labels thrust upon four-time divorcé, Gerrod Stone. He's ruined any chance he has for a relationship. For years, he’s acted like a dog, treating women like playthings. Now that he’s reached his 50s even he’s tired of his shenanigans. After a life-threatening event makes him reevaluate his life, he swears off all women and self-imposes a vow of celibacy. He refuses to date any woman until he has more to offer.

Full-figured business owner, Swan Peterson is finally living the life she always wanted. Free of her neglectful ex-husband and left an empty-nester when her daughter goes to college, she’s ready to let her hair down and have some fun. She’s starving for the affection of a real man. When she meets handsome Gerrod Stone on a photo shoot, she knows he’s just the man to sink her teeth into. There’s only one problem. Gerrod doesn’t seem to want her. She uses every trick in her box of goodies to ensnare him, but just when she thinks she’s caught him in her web, a host of other characters show up, determined to ruin her plans.

Details Ruined

Title Ruined
AuthorChanta Rand
Release Date5th Jun 2016
PublisherChanta Rand Books
FormatKindle eBook
Pages101 pages

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