Shadows of the Past (EIDOLON Book 1)

Shadows of the Past (EIDOLON Book 1)
Elaine Nash-Williams lives in a large gated community on a small island. She’s been thinking of finally leaving and seeing the world for years now – if only her grandfather and her mother weren’t her only family left, and wanted her to stay. And then there’s Adrian, too… the way he looks at her...

Just when the return of a former classmate reminds her of the plans she had and it seems like the opportunity has come, things become unhinged. She meets Morris, who has something important to say...

Elaine soon discovers that Cilcain harbors a dark past, secrets that burrow deep into its earth, and finds herself entwined in a struggle against mythic, ancient forces. Perhaps the island isn’t the tiny, peaceful dot of land she had imagined after all...

Details Shadows of the Past (EIDOLON Book 1)

Title Shadows of the Past (EIDOLON Book 1)
AuthorPamela Thorne
Release Date22nd May 2015
FormatKindle eBook
Pages84 pages

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