Who Was Charles Darwin?

Who Was Charles Darwin?
As a young boy, Charles Darwin hated school and was often scolded forconducting “useless” experiments. Yet his passion for the natural world was so strong that he suffered through terrible seasickness during his five-year voyage aboard The Beagle. Darwin collected new creatures from the coasts of Africa, South America, and the Galapagos Islands, and expanded his groundbreaking ideas that would change people's understanding of the natural world. About 100 illustrations and a clear, exciting text will make Darwin and his theory of evolution an exciting discovery for every young reader.

Details Who Was Charles Darwin?

Title Who Was Charles Darwin?
AuthorDeborah Hopkinson
Release Date19th May 2005
PublisherGrosset & Dunlap
Pages112 pages

8 reviews on “Who Was Charles Darwin?

  1. M. Faber

    My son enjoys the whole serie, he says: “It describes things really well , it makes me think I were really there.”…

  2. Juan R. Colareta

    My 9 year old daughter read this book to me in about 4 days, at her own pace and enjoyed it much. It contains a consice but very informative review about Charles Darwin as a person while considering the influence of his time and environment on how he got to develop his theory. It contains just enough information about his theory of evolution to be meaningful and engaging for a 9 to 13 year old child without becoming boring or too complex. I highly recommend it….

  3. Customer

    My 8-year-old son Ben wrote this review:I love this book!I learned who Charles Darwin was. He created the theory of evolution with his discoveries. He was a very seasick passenger who sailed around the world. He loved animals. Read this great book about this great man to learn more about him. This is the best “Who Was” book ever. He is the best scientist of his time. Please buy this book. It is one of the best. You will never stop reading till the end of this book then you read it again. It also has great pictures too! I loved it. You will love it too! Now I love science and I learned about the changing of animals and humans. I learned a lot! He found a lot of stuff. He was friends with Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, Thomas Henry Huxley, and Sir Charles Lyell. I also love other “Who Was” books. It makes me feel like I’m there. Darwin wrote two books….

  4. Lynn Ellingwood

    I learned a lot from reading this biography! It was wonderful and provided a thorough life story on Charles Darwin. I wish I had known more about him or even known about him as a kid. I don’t remember any mention of him but there wasn’t the debate about evolution when I was a kid. Charles Darwin was an Englishman who wanted to be a scientist but was steered by his father to first be a doctor and then a clergyman. So from the beginning, he knew the trouble he was in in challenging the religious beliefs of the day. Wonderful book, easy to read and provides valuable information….

  5. Joel Harris

    These are just great books, and this one is no exception. Our son really enjoys biographical books, and the “Who Was…?” series has had a major influence on that interest. I’m sure we’ll be picking up more!…

  6. Boom Boom Smarty Pants

    I purchased this book because of a college class I’m talking about animal science. We talked about Charles Darwin a lot and I wanted to learn more about him. It’s a really good book and I loved it. I recommend this book to kids and adults of all ages….

  7. Claudia Adams

    This is a wonderful book to teach children who Charles Darwin was. They might get a little bored with it, though, because most kids are not like Charles Darwin. However, I think it is an important book even for adults. Charles Darwin has continually been misunderstood at best, vilified at worst, because the strongly religious today who take the stories of the Old Testament literally (like many in Darwin’s time) see evolutionary theory as a threat to their entire religion.Two things this book does very well are: 1) describe Charles Darwin, the man – who was the son of a physician and who, besides being methodical and curious, actually wanted to be a minister, and 2) to distinguish between theory with a small “t” and Theory with a capital “T.” Too many people regard the word “theory” to be synonymous with the word “guess.” This is not true. Evolutionary Theory needs the capital T because it was way more than a guess and it has withstood 150 years of testing and scrutiny and comes u…

  8. Nicholas V.

    Love these books. My son, who is 9 has been reading them for a little over a year now and this book is wonderful. I must say that this one is not one of his favorites. He is a history junkey, lol. He so far seems to love the Jackie Robinson, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E Lee, What is the world series the best as a 8 and 9 year old.I also read these to him in the evenings and I really enjoy them as a 40 year old father. I have learned so much from them as well. Sometimes I read them before or after my son in order to have an educated discussion with him about the subject of the book. I really also get alot out of them as well….

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