Wicked Hunt (Dark Hearts Book 3)

Wicked Hunt (Dark Hearts Book 3)
This book is part of a dark erotic fiction trilogy and may disturb some readers. This is not a standalone read.

What happens when the victim becomes the killer?

Killing isn’t right, but it's better than the wrong people being dead.
That’s what Zorie tells herself, until the day she makes a mistake and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Maybe love is possible, even with men who can control minds. Maybe it’s time to stop running from Grimm and Mavros. Though ordinary men cannot arouse her, these two are far from ordinary.

A risky plan delivers Zorie to the door of her biggest threat yet - a man with his own private hell in a subterranean pit. There might be a chance of survival, for all of them, if Mavros can figure out the meaning of true love and Grimm can remember how to be human.

Good people die as easily as bad.

Details Wicked Hunt (Dark Hearts Book 3)

Title Wicked Hunt (Dark Hearts Book 3)
AuthorCari Silverwood
Release Date2nd Jun 2016
FormatKindle eBook
Pages246 pages

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