Witching You Were Here: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery (Volume 3)

Witching You Were Here: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery (Volume 3)
Winter has hit Hemlock Cove – and not in a fun way. The cold weather is keeping most tourists out of town, which is just fine with the Winchester witches. They’re using the lull as a way to recharge and take a break – even if Aunt Tillie is causing her usual havoc. All that comes crashing down, though, when a large yacht is found abandoned in a nearby channel and there’s blood on the deck. For Bay, things go from bad to worse when local law enforcement is joined by a federal representative in the form of Landon Michaels – her former flirt partner and possible boyfriend. Landon has come to town for more than just the case, though; he’s here to make amends. And even if Bay is ready to accept his apology, that doesn’t mean her family is. Landon may be here to win her back, but he’s also a man on a mission – and that mission is truth. He wants to know the Winchester family secret – whether Bay is ready to share it or not. Landon isn’t the only visitor in Hemlock Cove, either. Thistle’s father – Ted Proctor – is also in town. He says he’s there to buy some property for a business consortium – but he’s having secret meetings and hiding a bevy of truths from his daughter and her busybody cousins – something that sets the whole family on edge. When you couple that with the hot new handyman, the hipster snowboarders and Aunt Tillie’s rage about her wine closet being confiscated for a new furnace, it’s another fun-filled mystery for the Winchester witches and Hemlock Cove – as long as everyone can survive the snow, and the killer that hides in it, that is.

Details Witching You Were Here: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery (Volume 3)

Title Witching You Were Here: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery (Volume 3)
AuthorAmanda M. Lee
Release Date20th Nov 2013
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages308 pages

8 reviews on “Witching You Were Here: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery (Volume 3)

  1. Doc

    I am not sure why but I got a big kick out of this series.Take three cousins who are more like sisters and apparently have the sensibilities of the three stooges when together. Make them witches with their mothers also being witches and living with an aunt with all the finesse of Attila the Hun and you have the makings of an enjoyable read.This is not a book or a series that takes itself to seriously it is written for fun. The story line is interesting but you read to follow the interaction of the characters and to see what twisted situation the author will present next. Think of it as charmed with a sense of humor….

  2. dragonlady

    Loved this book again aunt Tillie steals the show I am anxious to read the next in the series. I want to see what unfolds with the dad’s coming together and running an inn in this little town and what Aunt Tillie will say and do….

  3. holly gallegos

    I Somehow Started Reading This Book Before The First Two, But I Just Could Not Put It Down! I Quickly Found The First Two Books And Downloaded Them Too! This Story Is Full Of Fun And Likeable Characters Who Pull You Into Their Adventures, Romances And Absolute Zanyness! Who Doesnt Have An Ornery Aunt Tillie? An Then Theres Edith Who’s Been Haunting Bay’s Newspaper Office Since 1965! This Author Has My Attention And I Look Forward To More Of Her Books! I Even Found Myself Longing To Visit This Southern Michigan Hamlet In The Story, And I Will With Each Book She Puts Out! You Need to Download This Book, Sit Back And Enjoy Cause Your In For A Real Treat! ;)…

  4. Loves to read

    Just keeps getting better, I love Amanda M. Lee’s writing and just when you think it can’t get better, it does. The entire story line shouldn’t even be remotely believable, yet it’s not only believable, it makes you think this could actually happen. The characters are well written, with distinct personalities that are fun and makes you wish they were people you could meet. The town is one in which you would love to visit,if not live in. The plot is not drawn out, our slow, the pace is fast and keeps the reader engrossed. I find it difficult to put down,and when I do, I can’t wait to get back to see what’s going to happen next. The cousins, Bay, Thistle and Clove, are more like sisters in how the interact with each other and the relationships work well, and its always fun witnessing the day to day experiences. Their Mom’s are hysterical in how they respond to their daughters/nieces lives, and the best is Aunt Tillie, who is never disappointing or predictable. The books are a great ti…

  5. Suzanne Cook

    I really, really like this writers style. The book has an interesting plot and the characters are captivating. It kept me reading just to see what would happen next. Oh, and she makes me laugh. I was very pleasantly surprised by her books. Read the first, it was free, and had to buy the rest. Can’t wait to see if her other books are as interesting and entertaining as this series was. “Witching there was more”….

  6. Customer

    I really like this series, the family interactions are so darn funny that you just laugh out loud. The characters feel like she may have met some of your own family. Aunt Tillie is really feisty and runs the Inn through threats, fear and her brand of witchcraft. The mystery and the romances keep you on your toes….

  7. countrylibrarian

    This series just keeps getting better. I love the twist with who was working on the other b and b. She is making the original characters stronger so they are very enjoyable to read. I have been surprised that a little more witchcraft hasn’t come out as the series progresses. Hope you enjoy it….

  8. BigASU4

    I enjoyed the first two books enough to purchase the third. I love Amanda M. Lee’s wit and sarcasm. And while I did enjoy this one, it was not enough to purchase the fourth. I was greatly disappointed to find some noticeable discrepancies between the first two books and this one. First, the second book ended with saying William and his son had crossed over. The third book started off, weeks later after the second book ended…yes I went back to cross reference and make sure the author for some reason hadn’t over lapped the time frames…but from the wording, it was weeks later and again we are just learning off the crossing over? Ok so that’s one, I was annoyed, but let it slide. It didn’t have a big impact on either story, just annoying. Then comes the blizzard and Landon has to sleep on the couch and all 3 girls share a room. Wait…the first book said there were 20 guest rooms plus the four rooms in the private quarters. Even if the couple had two rooms, Brian had one, Trevor had o…

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